May, 2020

Drylock Technologies at the Segovia factory and the regional government, from the Ministery of Development of the Junta de Castilla y León, have reached a collaboration agreement to provide community groups and organizations with more than 4 million surgical-hygienic masks during at least the next three months.

The conversations between Drylock, promoter of the project called ‘Masks with a soul’, and the regional government, began a month ago, allowing the acquisition by the Ministery of Development of the specific machinery, which will leave the Shanghai airport on May 13.

Drylock, one of the leading companies in the manufacture of absorbent intimate hygiene products, has created a separate space for the line of manufacture of this sanitary material in record time .

The Segovian factory, located in the Polígono de Hontoria, will finish the new industrial space, designed by theirs team of engineers in the coming days .

A 200 square meter clean room awaits the arrival of the machine purchased by the regional government, with a production capacity of 100,000 masks per day, which will mean having the first month approximately 2 million units.

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Zprávy / 21 January 2021


Driven by the manufacturer’s own ambitions towards sustainability and those of its customers, Drylock has already integrated a significant share of recycled PE in its European customer portfolio

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Zprávy / 6 November 2020

Společnost Drylock Technologies s hrdostí představuje: první opravdu PAPÍROVÝ SÁČEK na dětské plenky.

Papír, kde je to možné, plast, pokud je to nutné: tato zdánlivě jednoduchá, ale ve skutečnosti velice náročná vize byla výchozím bodem projektu výzkumu a vývoje, který se

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