November, 2021

Manufactures of consumer goods, including absorbent products, wipes and other nonwovens-based goods, are increasingly coming under pressure to provide more sustainable packaging solutions. Makers of packaging materials and machinery systems are responding with the development of packaging materials made from paper, cellulose and other plastic-free products.

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Neuigkeiten / 16 May 2022

Kanaal Z “Alle zaken op een rijtje”

Episode on Flemish TV channel "Kanaal Z" on sustainability and how Drylock Technologies handles this

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Neuigkeiten / 24 February 2022

Drylock unternimmt weitere Schritte zur Verbesserung der Nachhaltigkeit.

Bereits heute ist die globale Produktion von Drylock CO2 neutral. Darüber hinaus nimmt Drylock zur Zeit ein ebenfalls  CO2 neutrales und vollautomatisches Lager neben den beiden tschechischen Werken

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Neuigkeiten / 1 November 2021

1 November is world vegan day!

At Drylock Europe all our products are cruelty-free and vegan!

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