décembre, 2018

Belgium-based Drylock Technologies recently opened two new production sites in Europe as it invests further behind its baby diaper Magical Tubes technology and starts to further scale up operations with a new €200 million investment program. One of these new sites is in Hradek, Czech Republic, at an existing location, and the other is in central Spain, enabling Drylock to better serve its European customer base.

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Actualités / 16 mars 2020

Drylock technologies takes real action in the battle against Corona

Drylock technologies orders extra mouth masks to help!   There are 50,000 on the way to Belgium, and we’ve asked our Chinese suppliers for 5 million.  More info about

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Actualités / 8 août 2019

Press Release 06-08-2019: Drylock Technologies has opened its capital to Sofina

August 6th – Drylock, a family-owned hygiene manufacturer, is pleased to announce the successful closing of the partnership it concluded with Sofina, allowing the investor to subscribe to

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Actualités / 3 juin 2019

Article de ‘Lebensmittel Zeitung’

"Le marché mondial des couches est en cours de restructuration. Les marques de distributeur et les nouvelles marques évoluent. "- Bart Van Malderen PDG de Drylock Technologies

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