Gennaio, 2021

As an innovative player in the market of personal hygiene products, Drylock Technologies, together with its customers, was one of the first manufacturers in its industry to introduce post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in its activities last year. This new development is part of Drylock’s continued efforts to increase the sustainability of its packaging materials. For 2021, the company’s vision is to keep investing in this circular economy by growing the roll-out and the share of recycled PE from post-consumer sources in the already 100% recyclable plastic packaging used by Drylock. The scope of the project? All of Drylock’s European product portfolios!

Driven by the manufacturer’s own ambitions towards sustainability and those of its customers, Drylock has already integrated a significant share of recycled PE in its European customer portfolio – without compromising on the quality and protection of the hygiene products inside. Whilst the availability of high-quality recycled material from post-consumer sources is currently still limited, Drylock has secured its supplies from reliable partners and can thus offer its customers the possibility of integrating PCR plastic into their ranges.

As the use of PCR creates a circular economy by re-using recycled plastic as packaging material for new products, the project has several environmental benefits. A reduction of CO²-emissions by recycling rather than burning waste and less usage of finite resources for the production of virgin plastic material are only two such examples.

Drylock commits to continue being a frontrunner in sustainable packaging development and providing its customers with options to meet market requests for more circular and sustainable packaging solutions.

PCR bag

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