November, 2020

Drylock Technologies has achieved a new milestone in the industry with the successful introduction of the first paper packaging for baby diapers. This world-class innovation, soon-to-be launched at several European retailers, aims to meet the needs of both customers and consumers for more environmentally friendly packaging.

Paper where possible, plastic where needed: this simple but challenging vision was the starting point of an R&D project that has now turned into reality. Knowing that young families, new parents, and the majority of Gen Z consumers have high expectations for more environmentally friendly packaging, Drylock and its packaging partners have devoted a year of intensive research and development into the Diaper Paper Bag project. A new type of packaging in the hygiene industry which is truly recyclable and biodegradable and at the same time is robust and protects the integrity of the Drylock baby care products inside. A clear win-win situation for customers, consumers, and the planet.

Drylock CEO Bart Van Malderen frequently says “Every day is a battle, speed is important”, which translates into the company’s aim and vision: to lead innovation in the market and to be the best and the fastest! Drylock’s innovation projects continually result in a better performance, comfort and well-being with minimal environmental impact. There is no better example of this than the new paper packaging which maintains the integrity of the product using fully sustainable material. Through this and other innovative developments, whilst helping to overcome daily needs in consumers’ lives, Drylock, together with its customers, is working towards a better tomorrow.

News / 27 July 2021

The First Carbon Neutral Incontinence Manufacturer in the US.

Drylock builds green portfolio by becoming the first CO2-Neutral manufacturing facility in the US disposable hygiene industry, in addition to sourcing natural materials and offering packaging alternatives to traditional plastic.

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News / 5 July 2021

Drylock celebrates its 10 years anniversary this year!

Curious how it looks like? Drylock Movie

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