6Types of products

Reliable adult diapers with innovative elastic side pannels and superb absorption.

Leakage free, unisex or gender specific and comfortable to wear.

Solid performance with a soft touch.

Classic and ultra thin pads provide discreet comfort all day long, based on Drylock’s technology.

Shaped pads in all sizes and absorbency levels.

Perfect fit to the male body while keeping dry and comfortable.

Private label brands

With Drylock products you feel more protected and comfortable during your daily activities and at night.

Contact us for info on customization for your brand or business.

Ultimate defense leak-guard leg cuffs help ensure top performance.

Provides high protection as the fluid is quickly led away from the surface and into the core of the adult pant. It reduces the risk of leakage.

All products are made of soft fabric that caresses the skin.

Our products are anatomically designed to suit every shape. They fit the body perfectly.

Our brands

We offer a complete range of incontinence products, going from pads to diapers, in premium and performer versions.



Caring about customers

We are known for being communicative and open to your questions, needs and feedback.