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The thinnest diaper in the World! Now with Magical Tubes®! Especially designed to help distribute wetness evenly to guarantee optimal dryness and fit.

Classic quality for everyday use, based on a low-fluff technology. A variety of different qualities. A good fit for any baby to help to prevent leaks day and night.

When babies become active and try to roll and crawl away during changing time, it’s time to use our diaper pant. Comfortable, super soft & reliable.

Soft baby change mats for full flexibility.

Private label brands

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Provides high protection against leakage as the fluid is quickly led away from the surface and into the core of the diaper. It reduces the risk of leakage.

Elasticity at the legs and elasticized closure together with the diaper's design make it perfect for the child. Effective leakage barriers together with the perfect fit give a safe bleed, even at night. The diapers do not contain perfume or lotion.

The surface feels soft as textile and allows the child’s delicate skin to breathe. It counteracts irritation, and the high absorption provides protection for up to 12 hours.

Our Brands

Drylock baby products are available in all sizes. We care for all stages. Besides diapers and baby pants, the range also offers change mats.


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