março, 2020

Drylock technologies orders extra mouth masks to help!   There are 50,000 on the way to Belgium, and we’ve asked our Chinese suppliers for 5 million.  More info about this topic soon to come!

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Novidades / 25 setembro 2020

Bart Van Malderen torna-se empresário do ano 2020 em Segóvia.

A Segovian Business Federation (FES) atribuiu o título de Empreendedor Segoviano do Ano ao empresário que mais se distinguiu pelo dinamismo da economia Segoviana. Este ano, a FES

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Novidades / 23 julho 2020

‘Flemish diaper king’ has a record turnover of half a billion

Drylock Technologies, the diaper group of Bart Van Malderen, recorded a record turnover of 514 million euros last year. This year the milestone of 600 million is to

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Novidades / 29 maio 2020

Drylock Technologies has received the “CO2 neutral” certificate

We are very proud that Drylock Technologies has received the “CO2 neutral” certificate from the independent climate consultancy CO2logic and the Belgian inspection and certification institution Vinçotte. Drylock

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