julho, 2020

Drylock Technologies, the diaper group of Bart Van Malderen, recorded a record turnover of 514 million euros
last year. This year the milestone of 600 million is to be reached. The corona crisis does not weigh
on the figures for the time being.

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Novidades / 29 maio 2020

Drylock Technologies has received the “CO2 neutral” certificate

We are very proud that Drylock Technologies has received the “CO2 neutral” certificate from the independent climate consultancy CO2logic and the Belgian inspection and certification institution Vinçotte. Drylock

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Novidades / 28 maio 2020

21/05/2020: A primeira produção de máscaras em nossa fábrica em Segóvia.

Com uma capacidade de produção de 100.000 máscaras por dia, esta máquina produzirá aproximadamente 2 milhões de unidades por mês!

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Novidades / 7 maio 2020

In collaboration with the Junta Castilla y Leon, Drylock Segovia will produce up to 2 m mouth masks per month!

The conversations between Drylock, promoter of the project called ‘Masks with a soul’, and the regional government, began a month ago, allowing the acquisition by the Ministery of

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