Май, 2019

Вот уже пятый раз мы принимаем участие в выставке частных марок PLMA в Амстердаме и снова с большим успехом!
Наша команда представила новые продукты – с технологией «Magical tubes» и подгузники-трусики.
Предлагаем посмотреть фотографии и видео мероприятия!

Новости / 29 мая 2020

Drylock Technologies has received the «CO2 neutral» certificate

We are very proud that Drylock Technologies has received the «CO2 neutral» certificate from the independent climate consultancy CO2logic and the Belgian inspection and certification institution Vinçotte. Drylock

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Новости / 22 мая 2020

21/05/2020: The first production of the mouth masks in our plant in Segovia

With a production capacity of 100,000 masks per day, this machine will produce approximately 2 million units per month!

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Новости / 7 мая 2020

In collaboration with the Junta Castilla y Leon, Drylock Segovia will produce up to 2 m mouth masks per month!

The conversations between Drylock, promoter of the project called ‘Masks with a soul’, and the regional government, began a month ago, allowing the acquisition by the Ministery of

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