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The First Carbon Neutral Incontinence Manufacturer in the US.

July 27, '21

With a huge global push towards providing products that are better for the environment, Drylock Technologies prides itself in real and measurable commitments to the planet through sustainable production, products, and packaging. To show their commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Drylock has become the first carbon-neutral adult incontinence product manufacturer in the US.

Drylock builds green portfolio by becoming the first CO2-Neutral manufacturing facility in the US disposable hygiene industry, in addition to sourcing natural materials and offering packaging alternatives to traditional plastic.

 Green product portfolio provides eco-conscious disposable hygiene products to consumers.

 Known for innovation, Drylock Technologies, with a world-class US production facility and a state-of-the-art R&D lab headquarters in Eau Claire, WI, is honored to be the first carbon-neutral adult incontinence manufacturer in the US.

In recognition of this dedication to reducing carbon emissions, Drylock Technologies has become the first US facility in the disposable hygiene industry to receive CO2-Neutral® certification for carbon-neutral manufacturing. The CO2- Neutral® label, a globally recognized certification issued by CO2logic®, proves a real and measurable commitment to reduce and offset carbon emissions.

This certification also shows Drylock’s support of the India Wind Energy Solution to offset emissions in 2021. This project builds wind turbines to provide the power grid with clean, renewable energy and stimulate a low carbon economy transition.

This CO2-Neutral® certification recognizes real and measurable commitments to sustainability efforts in manufacturing, sourcing, and packaging.

Drylock has set stringent requirements for responsible sourcing. Suppliers are evaluated on cost, quality, ISO® Certification, Sedex®, Toxicology and NIAS, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan claims. Furthermore, every Drylock supplier signs a Supplier Conformity agreement to ensure specified requirements for materials are met.

Drylock is already meeting increasing consumer demand for products made with natural materials by sourcing cotton-enhanced, green polyethylene, bio-based, and chlorine-free materials for “pure” products. Drylock Technologies will soon launch Simpli®, one of the first natural, eco-friendly incontinence brands. Simpli® will provide natural, plant-based incontinence protection free of fragrance, lotions, parabens, natural rubber latex, toxic dyes, and chlorine bleaching.

Drylock sustainability efforts also extend to packaging by offering recycled, green packaging options, including recycled content, paper, and carbon-neutral bags.  Werner Van Ingelgem, Drylock Technologies R&D director, notes, “Consumers are looking for more sustainable packaging that is kinder to the planet without compromising on the integrity of the product.” Offering packaging alternatives to traditional plastic is part of Drylock’s continued efforts to increase the sustainability of its operations.

Drylock Technologies is committed to being a frontrunner in sustainable manufacturing and providing eco-friendly options to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

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