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pee & poo pouch

This latest innovation in baby care provides unmatched comfort and security while ensuring a leak-free experience from every angle. Now, both babies and caregivers can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without any disruptions.

poo pouch diapers
for newborns

Bid farewell to leaks and welcome mess-free diaper changes with the newly patented Poo Pouch.
This cleverly designed feature effectively prevents the escape of soft stool and urine by creating a reliable barrier at the rear of the diaper, offering maximum protection and containment.

pee & poo pouch pants
for active babies

The Pee & Poo Pouch offers excellent protection and prevents leaks from the front and back of the pants. This smart feature ensures that any waste material remains securely contained, providing a clean and worry-free experience for both infants and caretakers.

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