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Introducing our 11th plant worldwide, the second one in Capivari, Brazil

June 18, '24

We are very proud to announce the start of construction of our 11th plant worldwide! This new facility will be more than 30.000 m² and will be built in Capivari, São Paulo, Brazil. It is expected to be the second factory in the region and the third factory in Brazil. 


Private labels gaining momentum in Brazil

The first phase of the expansion project foresees the construction of a manufacturing plant with more than 30.000 m2, which will house new high-tech machines and a distribution center. The site is located on the SP 101 highway, a strategic location with easy access to some of the state’s main highways, and spans approximately 200.000 m2, which will allow extensive expansion for the future. The plant will be twice as big as the other plant in Capivari.

This expansion comes as private labels are also gaining momentum in Brazil. For example, we also recently organised our first Retail Brand Academy  with representatives from large retail companies in Latin America.

This first phase was announced by Drylock’s Business Development Director, Jules Van Malderen, by the vice-presidents of Drylock Brazil, Alex Ornelas, Eduardo Dallagnese, and by the mayor of Capivari, Vitor Riccomini. “As a family company, we are proud to be here with the mayor and the community showing that we are committed to Brazil as a market, and we will continue to invest locally in equipment, buildings and people”, declared Van Malderen.


Innovate to Protect

This will be our 11th factory worldwide and their third in Brazil, with two located in Capivari and one in Poá (SP). Once fully completed, this new factory has the potential to be the second largest in the group, surpassed only by the flagship plant in the Czech Republic.

This news about our 11th factory comes shortly after the previous announcement from the US, where we began establishing our 10th worldwide plant earlier this year, underscoring our growth trajectory as a leading company in the industry.

In line with the “Innovate to Protect” principles, the new plant project will also feature a Drylock forest, similar to the one created at the Segovia plant in Spain.

The study and license approval phase is finished, and the execution phase has already begun. The first phase is expected to be completed in 2026. We are already looking forward to it!

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