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our innovations

Innovation is part of our company DNA.

We are constantly challenging the industry. That is our inexhaustible source of inspiration to innovate and continuously improve our products.

12h protection

Thanks to our core technology, we guarantee a dry and protected skin for up to 12 hours.

Odor protection

Thanks to our advanced odor technology Drylock is the first on the market to claim up to 12 hours odor protection.

3 Channel Technology

Enables a faster distribution throughout the core.

Breeze Ear

All round breathable closing system

Magical Tubes

Patented channel technology designed to evenly distribute the liquid around the diaper and avoid sagging.

Flash Dry

Layer that instantly absorbs & locks away wetness, keeping baby bottom comfortable and dry up to 12h.

Deep Sleep

Combining our two main technologies we come to the ultimate product concept called Deep Sleep.

Pee & Poo Pouch


Provides unmatched comfort and security while ensuring a leak-free experience.


We are known for being communicative and open to your questions, needs and feedback.
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