November, 2021

News / 16 May 2022

Kanaal Z “Alle zaken op een rijtje”

Episode on Flemish TV channel "Kanaal Z" on sustainability and how Drylock Technologies handles this

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News / 22 April 2022

Earth Day – Friday 22 April

Taking concrete steps action today for a better planet tomorrow. That is what Earth day is about.
Drylock technologies is proud to announce it reached a new milestone in its sustainability journey.
Not tomorrow or in the distant future, but already today Drylock technologies is a CO2 neutral company!
It’s the first global hygiene producer to achieve this.

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News / 22 February 2022

Drylock keeps testing and innovating in new more sustainable ways of working.

Today Drylock has globally CO2 neutral production and is currently installing CO2 neutral state of the art fully automated warehouse next to plants. But the sustainability journey never

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