Drylock Technologies is passionate about supporting its customers and consumers in making informed purchase decisions. When Drylock created its’ flagship greenfield production site at Hradek in the Czech Republic in 2012  the focus from the outset for the company was excellence in the arena of sustainability. Great emphasis was placed on resource efficient production using modern equipment supported by a cutting-edge laboratory. It was also important to implement leading industrial practice to ensure traceability, transparency and to strive to go beyond compliance. Ultimately Drylock has become a fast growing global company focused on innovation that wants to help the consumer get more for less as we bring new technologies to market and challenge established thinking. Underpinning our commitment to sustainable practice is then a simple philosophy of setting the standard at our site in Hradek, and driving both newly built and acquired production sites towards this established standard — whilst of course adopting best practice and innovative thought from wherever we might find it in the global markets which the company now serves from its nine production sites.


Modern equipment

Drylock operates a latest generation machine platform at its flagship Hradek production site in the Czech Republic, and strives to modernise and update constantly across its nine production sites with capital investment in excess of €200 million since the company’s inception in 2011.

This ensures outstanding results in the areas of efficient use of energy, managing dust within the plant environment and employee safety whilst also enabling focus on great product design where less really can become more.

Health and safety

Drylock emphasises and focuses on employee safety, especially within the company’s nine production sites.

All accidents and incidents are recorded and published, with a goal of zero for all sites.

Family company

Drylock is a 100% privately owned company working towards a longer term picture.

This means Drylock can readily be inclusive, responsive and responsible towards its employees and focused on the development of the organisation and the individual needs of our employees. All that we ask in return is that our employees are passionate about the business, our customers and our current and future consumers.


Sedex® audits are conducted on a continuing basis at Drylock sites — addressing labour standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

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ISO® 13845, 14001 & 9001: All Drylock production sites are either ISO® registered, or working towards registration.


Drylock operates nine laboratories across its global supply chain, with a central laboratory setting global standards located at Hradek in the Czech Republic.

Analysis and qualification of materials and finished products is a daily passion – for both quality assured and sustainability reasons – whilst also supporting our data driven focus on innovation that delivers real results for the consumer and the customer.

Production waste

Drylock is committed at all nine production sites to maximising the recycling of production waste, and holds a strong preference for the incineration of waste where recycling is not possible given the conclusions to Product Life Cycle Analysis.

Sustainable production

On creation the Drylock flagship production site at Hradek was LEED®-certified.

This helps to set the standard for how Drylock thinks about current and future production sites. Drylock also has a commitment to continuously expand its usage of sustainable electricity across all nine productions sites. In Italy,  Drylock’s Buccinasco Feminine Care production site is leading the way on this initiative with 100% usage of solar panel energy.

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Managing growth sustainably

As a matter of fact, Drylock gives consideration when developing products to  Life Cycle Analysis, and all aspects of Consumer Safety.

Drylock also positively participates with the Personal Care industry via EDANA membership in working towards the bigger picture of sustainability.

Consumer Labels

Drylock believes in informed consumer choice.

We currently work with the following consumer labels – FSC®, PEFCTM, Cotton Organic, Oeko-Tex, Nordic Swan, Asthma, Vegan, ..


Drylock has introduced two absorbent core technologies into the market  that have moved the sustainable agenda forward, whilst challenging established thinking and helping the consumer to get more for less.

Fluffless product design

Drylock has fully qualified and proven out a fluff free product technology since the point of the Hradek site inception in 2011.

In both baby diapers and adult pants and pads this has led to new levels of product compression and cube within the consumer packaging. This resulted in relatively fewer lorries on the road and the more efficient usage of materials to maximize product performance. The product designs have also received great consumer feedback – discretion, comfort and fit to the body being notable step changes for the consumer.


Magical Tubes®

Drylock has introduced this new absorbent core technology to market in May 2017 and has brought it to retail shelves since October 2017.

This extensively tested technology has been shown to result in lower leakage rates and therefore lower product consumption levels – meaning that less really can be more. It is also then true that this new core design has enabled more efficient usage of raw materials, again leading to a less is more result for the Drylock sustainability agenda.

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