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Introducing the world’s first compostable diaper!

October 19, '23
We are immensely proud to announce our latest innovation, one that is set to revolutionize industry standards while directly addressing environmental concerns related to disposable diapers: the world’s first compostable diaper!

This remarkable product seamlessly blends top-notch performance with softness, all while being essentially bio-based and entirely biodegradable.

In collaboration with Love & Green, our commitment to sustainability has previously resulted in the creation of a range of eco-friendly hygiene products with unique ecological features like unbleached fluff, biobased liners, and paper packaging.

Our news marks the culmination of a two-year research project, resulting in a fully biodegradable and compostable diaper.

A revolution for schools and hospitals

Jules Van Malderen, our Business Development Director, shares his perspective: “We are committed to naturality and circularity, so having a global-first compostable diaper was an obvious target for us. However, it was not easy, and together with our commercial and scientific partners, we were constantly on the edge of what is currently technologically possible.

For now, we don’t recommend composting used diapers at home due to health and hygiene reasons. However, the new diaper offers an eco-friendly solution for institutions such as hospitals and kindergartens that use our products professionally and can efficiently manage the collection of these diapers.”

An application of top technologies

Our product is designed to match the quality of high-end baby diapers. It relies on Drylock’s exclusive channels technology and includes other innovations in nonwovens and bio compositions, which are currently pending patents.

An example of full compostability

Drylock and Love & Green emphasize the importance of being fully compostable. Van Malderen underscores this point, stating, “Intellectually, there is no such thing as being partially compostable. Either you’re compostable – or you’re not.”

Our product is compostable in standard composting facilities and is made from 80-90% natural, plant-based materials. Our goal is to exceed 90% in the near future. We’re also applying these principles to develop a full range of baby products, including baby pants.

Drylock Technologies and Love & Green are excited to be leading the transition to a more eco-friendly diaper industry. With this innovative product, we are making a significant positive impact on both the environment and the lives of our consumers.

Want to learn more about our sustainability efforts? Visit our sustainability page.

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