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Today, the whole world celebrates Zero Emissions Day

September 21, '23
On September 21st, organizations and individuals worldwide demand action to work towards a future without fossil fuels. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions is promoted, and awareness of global warming is raised.

At Drylock Technologies, we are also committed to protecting the environment on a daily basis.

Sustainability drives our innovations. As the first CO2-neutral company in the hygiene industry, we’re constantly seeking new ways to further advance our environmental efforts.

That’s why we’re proud to share some of our biggest achievements this year, underscoring our company’s unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility and a more sustainable future.

Green energy:

The recently installed solar panels on the roof of our new warehouse at the Hrádek site will produce an estimated total of 2500 MWh yearly. This contributes to the 100% green renewable energy that our production relies on worldwide.

Efficient logistics:

To reduce the carbon footprint of our logistics, we’ve constructed warehouses right next to our plants. Additionally, we’ve worked tirelessly to improve palletization processes, streamlining the movement of goods while minimizing emissions. We’re always exploring alternative modes of transportation.

Eco-friendly packaging:

We pushed recycled materials in bags. We’ve shifted from oil-based plastic to eco-friendly paper packaging, which is now available for our entire product range. In Europe, Drylock was even the first hygiene company to stop offering 100% virgin plastic bags in 2022.

Carbon footprint minimization:

We’re aligning our emissions with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming. Approved by science-based targets.

Want to learn more about our sustainability efforts? Visit our sustainability page.


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