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Drylock recently introduced the innovative and patented anti-leak channels core technology in the US. The technology is designed to evenly distribute the liquid throughout the underwear core and to keep the user dry. It improves enhanced protection and the most discrete, comfortable solution that is available to consumers today. At-home user testing proves that Drylock’s new Underwear with anti-leak channels core technology is among the best on the market.

Drylock Technologies
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, US
manufacturer of hygiene products.

Drylock is a global manufacturer of hygiene products. We serve top retailers by giving them the best mix of innovation and sustainability to maximize value for their store brands. At Drylock we continuously innovate to protect both consumers and our planet.

feminine care

We know: every woman is different and those days of the month are never easy… however, there is one thing that ladies agree on: they want their feminine hygiene products to be safe, skin-friendly, flexible and respectful of our planet.

baby care

Babies deserve products that absorb like no other, have no risk of leaking and are superbly comfortable to wear. Drylock offers endless options to make sure the product is a perfect match for your market and needs.

adult care

Incontinence requires a reliable, comfortable and discreet solution. Thanks to our proven and innovative technology, our customers can get back to doing what they love.

Drylock Technologies
is the hygiene leader in innovation and sustainability.

We are the first hygiene company to certify all manufacturing plants and our company as carbon neutral.

We’re on target to hit six Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations by 2030

New channel technology uses less raw materials, frees up shelf space, and unlocks better leak protections for your customers.

We will help you unlock the potential of your store brand

It’s possible that your store brand could outperform the big name brands in profit margin and performance by switching to Drylock Technologies as your supplier. Start growing your store brand today with innovative technologies and sustainable product and packaging options.

A full lineup of absorbent solutions

Adult, baby or feminine care are all available for your store brand. By working with one vendor, you can save yourself time, hassle, and money with better volume pricing, and more efficient shipping.

The leader in green

The demand for greener products is increasing for adult incontinence, baby, and feminine hygiene. Drylock is the only supplier ready to meet the highest lever of purity in our products. Drylock is a carbon-neutral company and all products are produced in a carbon-neutral production facility. Our production options include sustainable sources such as sugarcane, cotton, and bamboo. We can even produce diapers in paper packaging. The carbon footprint of your store brand can be as small as you want it to be when you work with Drylock Technologies.

Do you also want to innovate to protect?
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Drylock Technologies
United States

Paul Bifani
Retail Business
Development Manager

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